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14% OFF /PS 4/ WWE 2K20, Summer promotions Jun 2023

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Released date: Released 10/21/19

Genre: Fighting

* Game Details:
- Players: 4Online
- Players: 6
- Publisher: 2K
- Rating: Teen

Full disclosure, I’m an old gamer, the kind that started as a young child on the original gaming machines. Games with 1mil seemingly different button options is just too overwhelming at times for Me. With all that said, I’ve tried a few other wrestling games in this franchise and this was the only one that seemed even moderately playable. The mechanics, while sloppy at times, are still an improvement. Seeing Hogan back was a welcome boon too. As well as seeing other greats of my era. But this game plays more like an app than a console game with daily online competition that I have zero interest in even if there was another human being actually playing it. I also thought the created story line was trash as a story, but good for play. What’s missing is to get a feeling of the different wrestling eras and the big stories and matches of those days. Create a character is good but outside of that the game is flat. Still game it a 6 because I could at least play it and have for many days.

WWE 2K20 will feature key gameplay improvements, streamlined controls, and the most fun and creatively expansive entry in the franchise to date. Relive the groundbreaking journey of the Four Horsewomen and the Women's Evolution in 2K Showcase, featuring in-depth documentary-style vignettes, cut-scenes, and objective-based gameplay! Play through unforgettable moments and matches from the meteoric rise of the Women's Division, as told in the words of Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and WWE 2K20 Cover Superstar Becky Lynch! For the first time ever in WWE 2K, play as both a male and female MyPLAYER in MyCAREER as you journey through the twists, turns, and story lines on the path to WWE excellence - featuring cut-scenes and voice-overs from your favorite Superstars. Controls will be streamlined to allow new

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  • Operating System: PLAYSTATION 4
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