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14% OFF /Xbox One/ ReCore, Kiss Day offering discount Mar 2024

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/Xbox One/ ReCore 14% OFF /Xbox One/ ReCore, Kiss Day offering discount Mar 2024 $19.95$17.16
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Released date: Released 9/12/16

Genre: Action Adventure

* Game Details:
- Players: 1
- Publisher: Microsoft
- Rating: Teen

When I first started playing ReCore, I really enjoyed it. I liked the semi open world atmosphere, the unique and interesting combat system, and the ability to upgrade the bots that you come across during your journey. However, while I may have put about 20 hours into this game, I stopped playing at the ending area. This game does require some backtracking, which is annoying, but manageable. However, if you do NOT like JUMPING GAMES with massive jumping puzzles - Do not rent this game!! There was light jumping puzzles throughout the game, but they were only small irritations, however the ending area contains roughly 30 minutes of DIFFICULT jumping puzzles in order to even get to the final boss. Honestly, I just looked up the ending, and then I was disappointed. The story of ReCore is incredibly lacking. Nothing really drew me into the character(s) and the ending was laughably bad. Would not play a game. It's too bad, because it really felt like this game had a lot of potential.

This action game was created by Keiji Inafune and the makers of Metroid Prime. ReCore casts you as one of the last humans on Far Eden, wandering the desolate landscape of a desert planet. The Corebots have taken over, and they want you and everyone else dead. You'll have to travel the blighted planet in search of Corebot companions that are sympathetic to your cause. Each Corebot has a central core that contains its personality - and maybe its soul. You can tear the cores out of enemies to defeat your opponents, and you can replace their cores with your friends' cores in order to power up and customize your team. You'll lead this unlikely little squad of Corebots against the overwhelming forces of the Corebot overlords in a desperate battle for survival.

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  • Operating System: XBOX ONE
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