14% OFF /PS 4/ Fernz Gate, Valentine Week deals Mar 2024

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14% OFF /PS 4/ Fernz Gate, Valentine Week deals Mar 2024

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/PS 4/ Fernz Gate 14% OFF /PS 4/ Fernz Gate, Valentine Week deals Mar 2024 $19.95$17.16
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/PS 4/ Fernz Gate - Buy for $19.95 $17.16

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Released date: Released 4/1/19

Genre: RPG

* Game Details:
- Players: 1
- Publisher: Limited Run
- Rating: Everyone 10+

Generic "defeat the overlord, save the kingdom" plot, an obvious isekai twist, dull but skippable combat (auto'd every fight, inc the final boss). Only reason i pushed through until the end (~15hrs) was to see if anything special becomes of Alex and Lita's potential romance story. Nope. Very unsatisfying ending.

After awaking alone in the woods, Alex, who was supposed to be on his way home from school, begins to consider the possibility he may have been abducted. As he tries to sort things out while making his way back to civilization, he runs into a spunky girl by the name of Toril. To his surprise, she informs him he is no longer in his own world. Fresh out of ideas on how to deal with his predicament, Alex decides to join this lively stranger. While fighting through monsters in the same woods, he chances upon a young woman named Lita, who appears to be from a world similar to his own. Hitting it off, the two quickly become friends as they try to come to grips with their new life not far from the ever-present threat of the Overlord and his minions. They experience occasional flashbacks that seem to clash with the memories of their own pasts. And with each peal of the village bell signaling the arrival of another outworlder, Alex and party slowly find themselves inching closer and closer toward the hidden truth in Fernland.

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  • Operating System: PLAYSTATION 4
  • Discount for a short time only, expire on March 05 (7 days left).

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