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14% OFF /Xbox One/ Dungeons 3, Hug Day offering discount Mar 2024

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Released date: Released 10/18/17

Genre: Strategy/Sim

* Game Details:
- Players: 1Online
- Players: 4
- Publisher: Kalypso
- Rating: Teen

Its a fun and simple RTS if you havent played the previous games its ok the learning curve is easy enough and the story is its own so you won't feel left out or behind

This hilarious dungeon strategy-simulation game flips the fantasy genre on its head. You are an evil dungeon lord, and your job is to create diabolical dungeons designed to decimate any adventurers foolhardy enough to enter them. You'll destroy all potential heroes by building levels full of deadly traps, fiendish torture devices, murderous monsters, and more. You can bring pain and destruction right to your enemies' doorstep too. The overworld RTS gameplay lets you conquer the lands surrounding your dungeon with a fearsome army of orcs, succubi, zombies, and more. A first for the series, Dungeons 3 features randomly generated levels, so every game is unique and challenging.

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  • Operating System: XBOX ONE
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